Products Natural extracts

We currently manufacture and distribute 21 natural wellbeing products: 17 different products in capsules and 4 varieties of syrups in glass bottles. We have natural, concentrated, standardised syrups from plant extracts and natural capsules with extracts of medicinal plants and herbs. Ultimately, we plan to produce 100 unique compositions of plant extracts.

Products in capsules. Full of plant extracts.

NaturDay syrups. Plant extract syrups.

Synbiotic - prebiotic and probiotic - synergy of action.

Kosmetyki NaturDay. Kosmetyki z ekstraktami roślinnymi.

How to get the best prices?

When shopping in a Pharmacy or other retail shop, the price of a single product in capsules is PLN 129.00 (gross) and PLN 199.99 for a syrup in the glass bottle. By using the partnership system and when you order online, depending on the number of ordered products you can benefit from lower prices of our unique products with natural plant extracts, even from the first purchase. Find out how many products you need to purchase at once in our online store to be able to unlock the best prices, according to the NaturDay Club Partnership Program.
Option 1
One-time purchase at the retail price of at least PLN 199.00, for example, you buy 1 bottle of syrup for PLN 199.00 or two packs of capsules (PLN 258.00). Then, from the next order, you can use the club benefits and you will get the lower prices.
2 x Capsules 129 + 129 = PLN258 or 1 x bottle = PLN199
Option 2
Two purchases of products at the retail price within 12 months for a minimum total value of PLN 258. So, how it works? For example today you order one product in capsules (retail price PLN 129.00), then next month you also order one product for the retail price, and then from your next following order you will get the lower prices.
2 x Capsules 129 + 129 = 258 PLN
Please note! If you don\'t remember how many products you need to buy to get the lower prices, don\'t worry. To make it easier, our online system will suggest it for you during your shopping and it will give you the best solution.
Option 3
The last and the most beneficial deal is ordering NaturDay products in a package of a minimum of 3 products in capsules or 2 products in the bottles (syrups). You can also combine and mix any products, both capsules and syrups - respectively two packs of capsules and one bottle. In this way, you will immediately benefit from the lower club prices of the NaturDay Partner Program. Check also our family or business packages in our shop to get the products extra free. The more you buy, the more you save.
3 x Capsules 3*99 PLN = 297 PLN
2 x Capsules + 1 x syrup
2 * 99 PLN + 154 PLN = 352 PLN
2 x bottle 2*PLN154 = PLN308