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We currently manufacture and distribute 21 natural wellbeing products: 17 different products in capsules and 4 varieties of syrups in glass bottles. We have natural, concentrated, standardised syrups from plant extracts and natural capsules with extracts of medicinal plants and herbs. Ultimately, we plan to produce 100 unique compositions of plant extracts.

Opti Boreli Set ETAP3

Zdrowie po boreliozie

590.20 PLN

Opti Liposomal D3,K2-MK7 ®

Zdrowie kości, zębów i mięśni

141.70 PLN

60 capsules

OptiProBio ®

Synbiotic - healthy intestines

336.70 PLN

Net weight:

Opti Femini Age Set

Łagodzenie menopauzy

525.20 PLN

Opti Aloe ®

Wspomaga zdrowie organizmu

141.70 PLN

Net weight:
1000 ml

Opti Choli Set ETAP2

Zdrowie naczyń krwionośnych

616.20 PLN

Opti Focus Set

Koncentracja i kojarzenie

603.20 PLN