Silver set

Every day you take care of your body: its hydration, proper nutrition, physical activity, personalized supplementation, and natural and safe care.

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The kit includes the following products:


Goat's milk 300 ml

Bathing is one of the activities that brings relaxation to the body and soul. Goat's milk has an amazing effect on our body not only when we eat it but also when it comes into contact with our skin.

Goat's milk contains natural lactic acid, which gives us a neutral pH of the skin, so that we do not violate the natural protective barrier of the epidermis. With regular use of goat's milk while bathing, we will enjoy moisturized and smooth skin and soft hair.

Goat's milk - moisturizes, soothes, regenerates, strengthens the skin's hydro-lipid barrier.

Jojoba oil - helps to maintain the balance of sebum in the skin.


Shea butter 300 ml

The body product with shea butter and coconut oil is a miracle cosmetic in itself. In summer, our skin is directly exposed to harmful external factors, in winter - it is in contact with clothing almost continuously.

With our intense pace of life, we need to strongly moisturize our skin with 100% natural products that will bring not only elasticity but also strengthen the cellular cement of the horny layer of the skin.

Shea butter - nourishes the skin well, has healing and softening properties.

Coconut oil - inhibits the development of free radicals, thanks to which the skin remains young and elastic for longer.


Salt peeling 300 ml

Our skin works hard every day to produce new cells and "push" the old ones up. To keep it in good condition, we should exfoliate dead skin cells on a regular basis. The scrub we created does more than just help get rid of the dead cells of the outer layer of the epidermis. In harmony with generous nature, we have included in the composition both active ingredients that have the opportunity to work better when you massage the skin, as well as natural oils so that the nutritional value of such a treatment for our skin is complete.

Tight and firm skin, perfect hydration and a fresh, wonderful fragrance are the minimum that we should give ourselves and our skin once every few days.


Medic Vitis® proprietary formula is a combination of 3 ingredients that create a rich phytotherapeutic base:

Papaya papaya - contains vit. C and E, has antioxidant properties, brightens and refreshes the skin

Edible pineapple - has an enzyme - bromelain, which helps to gently dissolve and remove dead skin cells

Grapevine proper - prevents skin aging and helps in regeneration.

Medic Vitis® is a proprietary formula created by doctors and phytotherapists who also took care of additional botanical products supporting them:

Calendula - stimulates the regeneration process, protects against irritation

Mountain arnica - has an antiseptic effect

Smooth licorice - increases the effect of active ingredients, has anti-inflammatory properties

Lemongrass - stimulates blood circulation, warms up and has antibacterial properties, as well as shea butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, orange oil, grape seed oil.