OptiBorelia Spirulina

Designed to help the organism to fight infections, especially those chronic and challenging, such as the Lyme disease. We prepared a special recipe from concentrated natural extract from herbs used in therapy of chronic infections that act against the pathogen and stimulate the immune system. Opti Borelia® is dedicated to support the growing number of people struggling with such diseases.

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is caused by bacteria Borrelia bugdorferi that can enter our body from infected ticks. This disease can take several forms manifesting its symptoms in the joints, skin or nervous system. Diagnosis of Lyme borreliosis can be difficult, especially in cases when the characteristic skin symptom of red rash called Erythema chronicum migrans does not appear. The first symptoms usually appear 1-3 weeks from the moment of infection. If the Lyme disease is not cured in a year, it is classified as chronic.

This sickness is also hard to cure, the therapy demands significant doses of antibiotics chosen by a doctor. Apart from the antibiotic therapy it is recommended to support the treatment and general condition by keeping a proper diet and natural supplements, such as Opti Borelia® dedicated to such cases.

Opti Borelis®
our restricted formula – Cistus and garlic herbal extracts which support the immune system and stimulate it to fight the infection and have strong antioxidative properties.
Wild teasel extract (Dipsacus fullonum) extract
is often recommended in the treatment of chronic and difficult infections such as the Lyme disease. This extract effectively destroys bacteria, protozoans and some types of fungi. Its efficacy is compared to amoxycillin, one of the antibiotics used to cure the Lyme disease.
Cistus herbal extract
is used to fight infections and to stimulate the immune system. Contains plenty of polyphenols that act as antioxidants. Cistus also has cleansing effects on the body.
Cat’s claw (Uncaria tomentosa) bark extract
is also known as vilcacora. It contains alkaloids which stimulate the white blood cells to destroy the bacteria that attack our bodies. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and antiviral properties. Especially recommended to people, whose immunity may be weakened, for example due to therapies with antibiotics or chemotherapy.
Asian knotweed (Reynoutria japonica) extract
acts effectively against borrelia bacteria and additionally stimulates the immune system to fight with bacteria and viruses. This plant is also a source of resveratrol, an active substance which stimulates microcirculation of the blood and regulates metabolism.
Andrographis (Andrographis paniculata) extract
herb with antibacterial and antiparasitic properties, having the strongest effect in reducing inflammatory cytokine 1L-1b in the Lyme disease. It strengthens immunity, speeds up digestion and releases toxins from the body.
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