OptiArtrepain Spirulina

We created Opti Artrepain® for the people who struggle with joint pain caused by inflammatory conditions, strains and joint damage and other problems like back ache. It is an unique mixture of natural ingredients that help to regenerate joint surface, which is crucial to their proper functioning. Opti Artrepain® also has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.  

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can be caused by inflammation and other problems, the latter usually meaning physical damage. It is often linked with overload of tendons, ligaments or joint capsules that occur after intensive physical strain or exercise, while older people often suffer pain from joint degeneration. Opti Artrepain® is designed to reduce the negative symptoms of spinal problems.

In order to have a healthy spine take care of the condition of your ligaments and muscles. If they are weak and unbalanced, excessively extended or tense, the spine loses its stability what leads to worsened posture and various problems. It is always a good idea to consult a qualified physiotherapist and a doctor, especially when the spinal problems are serious.

Opti Artrin® 
our restricted formula from baobab tree fruit which supports spine functioning and helps to fight inflammation in the body.
Indian frankincense (Boswellia serrata) herbal extract
blocks degradation of glycosaminoglycans and prevents loss of articular cartilage. This herb supports the joints and general condition of locomotor system, has analgesic and soothing properties which makes it a recommended choice for treating inflammation.
Willow tree (Salix) bark extract
blocks prostaglandin production, which cause inflammation in joints and muscles. Additionally it acts as a painkiller.
Vilcacora (Uncaria tomentosa) root extract
also known as cat’s claw; This extract stimulates the white blood cells to destroy pathogens that attack our body, enhances immunity, has anti-inflammatory, painkilling and antiviral effects.
Meadowsweet (Filipendula ulmaria) flower extract
contains vitamins such as B, C, E and mineral salts. It has astringent effect, reduces inflammation and pain levels.
Baobab (Adansonia) tree fruit extract
supplies calcium, vitamin C and polyphenols, which give it strong antioxidant properties. Apart from that it works as a prebiotic.


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