Opti Diabeti Set ETAP 2

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Recommended duration of use: 2 months.


The directional kit includes the following products:


- Opti Sugar - capsules,


- Opti Liposomal B6 + Magnesium + Zeolite - capsules,


- Opti ProBio - synbiotic (powder).


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The components of the kit support glucose and lipid metabolism, maintain proper blood glucose levels, maintain a healthy body weight, support metabolism, and strengthen physically and mentally.

The Opti Diabeti Set package was created in order to select the perfect composition of extracts supporting the proper functioning of the body. For several dozen years, science has been struggling with sugar metabolism disorders. We can already say about a global epidemiological problem. A significant increase in this type of disturbance is related to the development of the market, changing the environment, and inadequate nutrition. Why is this happening? Increasingly faster and more intense life causes a significant shortage of time, especially in young people. Then, to a large extent, we reach for finished products of poor quality and inadequate nutritional composition. Thus, we bring the body closer to disorders related to sugar metabolism. Disturbed processes of sugar metabolism negatively affect the functioning of internal organs, change in body weight, malaise. Effective support of the body in the process of sugar metabolism is possible with the use of appropriately selected extracts and the use of an appropriate diet.

See "Additional Information" on how to use the products in this kit.


The recommended duration of use is 2 months

Recommendations for use:

Opt iSugar: 1 capsule twice a day,

Opti Liposomal B6 + Magnesium + Zeolite: 1 capsule 1 x a day,

Opti ProBio: 1 x daily 1 scoop dissolved in lukewarm water.


Sample Application Plan:

7:30 Opti Sugar, Opti Liposomal B6 + Magbez + Zeolite: 1 capsule 30 minutes before a meal,

8:00 Opti Pro Bio: 1 scoop dissolved in water with a meal,

18:30 Opti Sugar: 1 capsule, 30 minutes before a meal.


Dietary Recommendations:

A diet with a low glycemic index is recommended. The fruit is recommended until 12:00. In the event of a metabolic disorder, we avoid grapes with high sugar content. It is recommended to eat a lot of vegetables, especially Jerusalem artichoke. Fluid replacement is recommended. Fluids can be supplemented with vegetable juices, leaven, soups or water. In further recommendations, consultation with a specialist phytotherapist, naturopath, nutritionist is recommended.


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