Collagen Sensuelle Siberian Eye Repair SERUM 50 ml

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The delicate skin around the eyes requires care and perfect care. Give your skin a SERUM prepared by the best specialists: a cosmetic based on natural ingredients. The collagen concentrate and hyaluronic acid it contains will increase skin firmness and improve hydration.

The product contains 50 ml. Airless packaging.

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The skin - the largest organ of the human body, has an area of ​​2 m2!

The role of the skin:

- is a protective barrier against external factors,

- isolates from environmental pollutants (dusts, gases, chemicals),

- protects internal organs against the negative effects of solar radiation and radiation from other sources,

-maintains an appropriate body temperature.

All these external factors focus precisely on the epidermis, which loses its ELASTICITY, FIRMNESS, MECHANICAL RESISTANCE, MOISTURIZATION, SMOOTHNESS.

What our skin loses on a daily basis is simply observed as its aging, and this is what we should counteract:

- both from the inside: by caring for a complementary diet and hydration of the body, leading an active lifestyle, avoiding stimulants

- as well as from the outside: through appropriate care focused on the action of ANTI-AGEING.

COLLAGEN - the protein of youth

The most common animal protein in vertebrate organisms constitutes 1/3 of all proteins

The role of collagen:

- the basic building blocks of cells in our body (skin, tendons, bones, joints and even the cornea of ​​the eye),

- maintaining the proper level of skin hydration and renewing the body's cells. Collagen constitutes as much as 60% of all skin proteins, which is why it has a decisive influence on its appearance and condition,

- ensuring mechanical resistance of the skin and moving organs to stretching,

- maintains the integrity of tissues and organs,

- participates in organ development and tissue repair,

- is involved in the wound healing process.

The collagen density in our skin decreases by an average of 2% annually, which is why our skin loses its elasticity after the age of 26. This process is rapidly intensified during menopause, because the decrease in the level of hormones, and more specifically estrogens in the female body, directly affects the disturbance of collagen synthesis and changes its properties. According to scientific sources, the amount of collagen in the skin drops by 1/3 during the first five years of menopause. By the age of 70, collagen synthesis almost completely ceases, and this is a completely natural process: the body focuses its efforts on keeping the vital organs in good condition simply for survival.


What characterizes the skin around the eyes:

- it is very delicate and thin (the epidermis is only 0.05 mm thick),

- it is almost completely devoid of sebaceous glands, poorly greased and poor in subcutaneous tissue,

- the skin around the eyes is shallowly vascularized, with a tendency to accumulate lymph (interestingly: so-called eye bags are formed much more often in patients with hypothyroidism and advanced liver diseases),

- it contains quite a lot of mast cells, i.e. cells responsible for the formation of allergies,

- in addition, and what is very important, the eye area is very active, mimic (the eyelid makes almost 15,000 movements throughout the day), which significantly accelerates the aging process, the so-called "Crow's feet".


The skin on the neck and neckline is thin and delicate, contains less collagen fibers than the skin of the face.

What strains the skin of the neck and décolleté?

Mechanical microtraumas,
Solar damage,
Photosensitizing reactions related to the use of perfumes,
The movement of looking down at electronic devices.


what makes the eye serum stand out on the market:

- based on highly selected ingredients of natural origin,

- presence of hyaluronic acid in the composition,

- presence in the composition of betaine,

- high collagen and silanol content,

- the presence of the Zirhafirm extract,

- the presence of the HappySkin complex.

What do the individual ingredients of the Serum Eye Repair Serum give our skin?


- has the ability to bind large amounts of water. 1 g of hyaluronic acid can bind up to 6 liters of water! - thanks to this, the skin is properly moisturized all the time, at the same time reducing the susceptibility to the loss of this moisture from the skin;

- when applied to the skin, it protects it against the adverse effects of such weather conditions as: wind, low and high temperatures, sun rays.


- a natural amino acid, a derivative of another amino acid, glycine,

- takes part in the synthesis of proteins, including keratin, which is a building block for hair, skin and nails,

- protects cell membranes and has a high ability to absorb water -> thus it is a "water reservoir" for cells, thanks to which the skin is silky and smooth.


- making the skin resistant to pressure, to the separation of tissues, and thus - the more collagen, the lower the risk of the appearance of wrinkles and dimples in the skin.


- jujube fruit extract (also known as Chinese dates) -> jujube fruit,

- restores and maintains skin firmness and elasticity, stimulating fibroblast proliferation. As a result, it protects the dermal and epidermal connections, remodels the skin structure and prevents its aging,

- biological compounds contained in it protect against hypoxia and lipid oxidation, which is extremely important in contact with polluted air and urban smog as well as fine dust particles.


- a polymer derived from silica and silane,

- reduces the visibility of wrinkles, smoothes the skin, gives a velvety smoothness,

- it is resistant to sebum, which improves the adhesion of the cosmetic,

- facilitates distribution.

Directions for use:

Apply a small amount of the serum on cleansed and dry skin. Leave until absorbed.

Depending on your needs, you can use it in the morning and / or evening alone or under your favorite cream.

For optimal results, it is recommended to use the preparation twice a day for a minimum of 8 weeks.

To intensify the relaxing effect of the application, you can cool the serum in the refrigerator.



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