GMP and HACCP standard in the manufacture of Natural products

Our plant extracts in capsules are produced according to the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and HACCP Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) standards. To clarify this: The GMP standard ensures the high quality, purity of the raw materials used and all components of the final product. It also provides full control over the quality and origin of raw materials. The HACCP certificate guarantees the safety and the purity of products (free from harmful bacteria and chemicals).

What's the difference between concentrated natural plant extracts and typical dried/fresh herbs?

Remember! Plant extracts obtained from medicinal plants are the basis of phytotherapy, that’s the healing therapy in natural medicine.Herbs and medicinal plants hide the treasures for health and well-being. Medicinal substances. Each plant has different well-balanced chemical compounds. Each substance from the plant dissolves in a different solvent. The natural solvents are alcohol (extract, tincture or intractum) or water (macerate, infusion or decoction). It can be a cold solvent (e.g. macerate herbs and cold water) or hot, (e.g. Intractum herbs and hot alcohol). Different herbal and medicinal substances can be obtained from the plant with the use of water, and different with alcohol. Knowing the above, in order to achieve the maximum dose of all possible extracts from natural herbs, we usually use the extractor - water and alcoholic solvent at the same time.

High concentration of extracts in NaturDay products. Is it important?

To fill in our products with the maximum dose of wonderful, healthy plant-based and natural components, we use highly concentrated extracts. What does it mean? For example. When you use Natur Day products with 10:1 extracts, it's worth knowing that we use as much as 10 kg of the raw material (e.g. herbs) to prepare 1kg of this extract. To better understand this you can check the weight of one teaspoon of dried herbs, eg lemon balm, chamomile or mint, and multiply this amount x 10.

It's also good to know that the concentration of our extracts starts from 8:1, and ends to 120:1 and most of our products are concentrated by 10:1.

The research of NaturDay products

When we established our Company the main goal was to deliver the best quality products to our clients. We took a chance on the plant extracts from various corners of the world. The product must be ethical. What does it mean? We promised to perform regular research on our products in the independent laboratory to confirm their quality and pharmacological purity and we keep our word. From now on we can show off the great results. We also test our products in terms of microbiology and heavy metal content. All products must pass the tests without any objections before they are approved for use. This is another confirmation that the Company has chosen the right way.