Intimate hygiene gel

A meticulously selected composition of the cosmetic is designed to gently care for the skin of intimate areas without disturbing the protective layer.

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NaturDay cosmetics are everyday products, but unusual. Carefully selected cosmetic compositions, enriched with 100% natural plant extracts, ensure their beneficial effects on our largest organ of the body - our skin.

Every day you take care of your body - its hydration, proper nutrition, physical activity, necessary nowadays - personalized supplementation and natural and safe care.

A meticulously selected composition of the cosmetic is designed to gently care for the skin of intimate areas, without affecting the protective layer. The lactic acid contained in the gel maintains the proper pH of the skin of the intimate areas. Aloe has healing properties, soothes inflammation and regenerates.

Medic Vera® proprietary formula is a combination of 3 ingredients that create a rich phytotherapeutic base:

Smooth licorice - soothes irritations, has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties

Calendula - stimulates the regeneration process, protects against irritation

Aloe vera - has healing properties, soothes inflammation

Medic Vera ® is a proprietary formula created by doctors and phytotherapists who also took care of additional botanical products supporting them:

Spirulina - has a strong enzymatic and nourishing effect

Mountain arnica - has an antiseptic effect

Pedunculate oak - soothes inflammation and accelerates wound healing

Marshmallow - has antibacterial and protective properties

Cinquefoil goose - inhibits the growth of bacteria, cares for sensitive skin, prone to irritation.

The proprietary formula is a composition of 100% natural plant extracts, created in cooperation with biotechnologists, a medical doctor, phytotherapists and cosmetologists.

The essence of nature means that we have developed a product composition with the greatest care, which is primarily to benefit you by supporting the natural processes of the body based on the good that nature has offered us.

We do not test our products on animals.

We take care of you, that's why our products do NOT contain;

- mineral oils and waxes

- silicones


- parabens